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08 Vicki Leon_Mosaic League in Little Saigon.JPG

Azalea Park
Mosaic League


Launched with the support of

The San Diego Foundation through 

the Great Neighborhood Challenge grant.


The Azalea Park Mosaic League is a long term vision founded and led by artist and resident, Vicki Leon. The mosaic league is an integrated part of the Pop Street Project which intends to establish Azalea  Park as an Arts and Eco District.


Goal:To complete mosaic projects along Poplar Street and beyond that improve and beautify Azalea Park.


Long Term Vision: To create, support and inspire artists living in Azalea Park to learn to design, make and install mosaics that improve the community while fostering relationships, creativity, community interconnectedness and overall well-being. To make Azalea Park more safe and  walkable. To establish vibrant work spaces throughout the neighborhood that are equipped to create full scale mosaics and foster creativity and social engagement.


Theme:  Group Show: Individual artists/ Art exhibition

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